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Science Fiction Books | Best Books for Science Fiction | Latest Science Fiction Books

Best Science Fiction Books: The books can be a deposit of information and experiences for each student and also it has many benefits. The Science Fiction Books is our greatest friend. In our society, we’ve friends and foes. Even the questionable friends will cheat us in times. However, books are our never-failing friends. A bit like an honest friend, it offers us company throughout idle time. An honest book guides us in our lives, and it helps us very much in our educations and studies for our future aims. So here we are giving you some information about best books which has excellent study materials and are latest for education in the field.

Books are the richest source of education and also a correct answer for every topic such as how to prepare for Science Fiction. Here we are providing you some latest and written by the best of authors books hoping to give the students a best approach and study materials so as to make easy for the exams. The various department’s education books we are providing below are followed:

The Theory of Everything

Seven lectures by the brilliant theoretical physicist have been compiled into this book to try to explain to the common man, the complex problems of mathematics and the question that has been gripped everyone all for centuries, the theory of existence. Undeniably intelligent, witty and childlike in his explanations, the narrator describes every detail about the beginning of the universe. He describes what a theory that can state the initiation of everything would encompass. Ideologies about the universe by Aristotle, Augustine, Hubble, Newton and Einstein have all been briefly introduced to the reader. Black holes and Big Bang has been explained in an unsophisticated manner for anyone to understand.

The Time Machine (Enriched Classics)

The Time Traveller, a dreamer obsessed with traveling through time, builds himself a time machine and, much to his surprise, travels over 800,000 years into the future. He lands in the year 802701: the world has been transformed by a society living in apparent harmony and bliss, but as the Traveler stays in the future he discovers a hidden barbaric and depraved subterranean class. Wells’s transparent commentary on the capitalist society was an instant bestseller and launched the time-travel genre.

The Invisible Man

A gripping and entertaining tale of terror and suspense as well as a potent Faustian alllegory of hubris and science run amok- The Invisible Man endures as one of the signature stories in the literature of science fiction. A briliient scientist uncovers the secret to invisibility, but his grandiose dreams and the power he unleashes cause him to spiral into intrigue,madness, and murder. Immensely popular during his lifetime, H.G. Wells, along with Jules Verne, is credited with inventing science fiction. He grounds his fantastical imagination in scientific fact and conjecture while lacing his narrative with vibrant action, not merely to tell a “”ripping yarn,”” but to offer a biting critique on the world around him.

Unknown: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology (Hidden Worlds Book 1)

Galactic Empires: Eight Novels of Deep Space Adventure

A Brief History of Time: From Big Bang to Black Holes

‘A Brief History of Time: From Big Bang to Black Holes’ poses some interesting and unanswered questions, like if there had been any beginning of time or if time can run backwards or if there is any boundary to the universe itself. Stephen Hawking, the great scientist and theoretical physicist, tries to answer it all by drawing theories of the entire cosmos from Albert Einstein to Newton. In doing so, he also sheds considerable light on the dark secrets that still reside at the heart of time and space.


The book, ‘Cosmos’ is regarded as one of the best science-themed books ever written and is often credited as the catalyst for popularizing the science-themed literature. It is authored by Carl Sagan who wanted to unravel the complex world of cosmos in a simple and lucid language, so that any layman can understand it. The book came along the Cosmos TV series and both were planned to complement each other. Both the TV show and the book became highly successful and won critical acclaim. The book won the Hugo Award for Best Non-Fiction Book and was a ‘Best Seller’ for several weeks

The Martian

The 5th Wave

Transgression: A Time-Travel Suspense Novel (City of God Book 1)

The Breakers Series: Books 1-3

Science Fiction Books: In New York, Walt Lawson is about to lose his girlfriend Vanessa. In Los Angeles, Raymond and Mia James are about to lose their house. Within days, none of it will matter. A plague tears across the world, reducing New York to an open grave and LA to a chaotic wilderness of violence and fires. Civilization comes to an abrupt stop. Just as the survivors begin to adapt to the aftermath, Walt learns the virus that ended humanity wasn’t created by humans. It was inflicted from outside. The colonists who sent it are ready to finish the job–and Earth’s survivors may be too few and too weak to resist.

Black Holes: The Reith Lectures

Science Fiction Books: “It is said that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction, and nowhere is that more true than in the case of black holes. Black holes are stranger than anything dreamed up by science fiction writers.”
In 2016 Professor Stephen Hawking delivered the BBC Reith Lectures on a subject that has fascinated him for decades – black holes. In these flagship lectures the legendary physicist argues that if we could only understand black holes and how they challenge the very nature of space and time, we could unlock the secrets of the universe.

A Wrinkle in Time (A Puffin Book)

Science Fiction Books: A WRINKLE IN TIME is a classic sci-fi adventure for children by bestselling US author, Madeleine L’Engle.
When Charles Wallace Murry goes searching through a ‘wrinkle in time’ for his lost father, he finds himself on an evil planet where all life is enslaved by a huge pulsating brain known as ‘It’. How Charles, his sister Meg and friend Calvin find and free his father makes this a very special and exciting mixture of fantasy and science fiction, which all the way through is dominated by the funny and mysterious trio of guardian angels known as Mrs Whatsit, Mrs Who and Mrs Which.

Skip: An Epic Science Fiction Fantasy Adventure Series (Book 1)

Science Fiction Books: The clock tower is the center of the town of Time. It counts down the hours, minutes and seconds of every passing day. But unbeknownst to the local inhabitants, it is at the center of a great deal more than that. It is the center of the universe and controls time itself. But it is old and beginning to break, sending the world’s inhabitants skipping forward and back through time. Seventeen-year-old Jera Wythnos, betrothed to marry a powerful lord, runs to escape her responsibilities and pursue her dream of traveling the world. Hot on her heels is her betrothed, moving heaven and earth to find her before the wedding day.

Relativity: The Special and the General Theory (Routledge Classics)

Science Fiction Books: Albert Einstein, the founder of modern physics and the man, who proposed theory of relativity, explains the significance of the theory in today’s world. The author using minimum mathematical terms and implementing basic principles and ideas of the theory tells how it helped shaping the present world. The book offers matchless and unbeatable knowledge on relativity, which makes it the most popular among its variants written by other authors. The book gives account to Einstein’s massive contribution to the world and development of technology.

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