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Sculpture Books | Best Books for Sculpture | Latest Sculpture Books

Best Sculpture Books: The books can be a deposit of information and experiences for each student and also it has many benefits. The Sculpture Books is our greatest friend. In our society, we’ve friends and foes. Even the questionable friends will cheat us in times. However, books are our never-failing friends. A bit like an honest friend, it offers us company throughout idle time. An honest book guides us in our lives, and it helps us very much in our educations and studies for our future aims. So here we are giving you some information about best books which has excellent study materials and are latest for education in the field.

Books are the richest source of education and also a correct answer for every topic such as how to prepare for Sculpture exam. Here we are providing you some latest and written by the best of authors books hoping to give the students a best approach and study materials so as to make easy for the exams. The various department’s education books we are providing below are followed:

Indian Sculpture

Through the centuries, sculpture in India has been a dominant expression of the people and their land. This illustrated book reproduces some of the finest examples of Indian sculpture, with a commentary on the importance of the art of carving, modelling and casting in the Indian civilization.

The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo

A masterpiece in its own right, this novel offers a compelling portrait of Michelangelo’s dangerous, impassioned loves, and the God-driven fury from which he wrested the greatest art the world has ever known.

The Portrait in Clay: A Technical, Artistic, and Philosophical Journey Toward Understanding the Dynamic and Creative Forces in Portrait Sculpture

Simulating a workshop studio course, this book provides action-photography sequences that enable readers to observe every step a master sculptor takes in building a portrait in clay.

Indian Sculpture

The book surveys the structure of Indian sculpture in its relevant aspects. The underlying and essential qualities are viewed in their permanency throughout the special conditions that the single monuments imply. Their outward connections, geographical and chronological, are seen to resolve themselves into ethical problems and those of the artistic process itself.

Pop-up Design and Paper Mechanics: How to Make Folding Paper Sculpture

Sculpture Books: This comprehensive guide is a delightful introduction to pop-up and folding paper sculpture. It is aimed at all levels of ability; appealing to craft/hobby enthusiasts, as well as being a useful aid for teachers. This comprehensive guide to pop-up is a delightful introduction to the fun, surprising and intriguing aspects of a fascinating craft. Duncan Birmingham’s totally new and accessible approach to pop-up theory and practice distils the numerous mechanisms into a logical set of underlying shapes, and the techniques for building these shapes is methodically explained with step-by-step pictures and text. No measuring is necessary and only card, scissors and glue are needed to make highly complex folding sculptures.

Little Sculptors – Animal Ball: Sculpture book for kids and beginners

This book helps inspire little sculptors. It illustrates easy-to-understand and fun steps of sculpting and motivates imagination.

– Learn basic sculpting skills in Little Sculptors style.

– 3 easy steps to sculpting a cute animal.

– There are 28 different types of cute animal sculptures in this book.

– Can sculpt by modelling clay, air-dry clay, polymer clay, etc.

Classic Human Anatomy: The Artist’s Guide to Form, Function, and Movement

Sculpture Books: After more than thirty years of research and teaching, artist Valerie Winslow has compiled her unique methods of drawing human anatomy into one groundbreaking volume: Classic Human Anatomy. This long-awaited book provides simple, insightful approaches to the complex subject of human anatomy, using drawings, diagrams, and reader-friendly text. Three major sections–the skeletal form, the muscular form and action of the muscles, and movement–break the material down into easy-to-understand pieces. More than 800 distinctive illustrations detail the movement and actions of the bones and muscles, and unique charts reveal the origins and insertions of the muscles. Packed with an extraordinary wealth of information, Classic Human Anatomy is sure to become a new classic of art instruction.


The Life and Works of Degas: An Illustrated Exploration of the Artist, His Life and Context, with a Gallery of 300 of His Finest Paintings and Sculptures (Life & Works of)

A detailed biography of the Impressionist and his period, with a gallery of greatest works.

The Romantic Manifesto: A Philosophy of Literature; Revised Edition (Signet Shakespeare)

Sculpture Books: In this beautifully written and brilliantly reasoned book, Ayn Rand throws a new light on the nature of art and its purpose in human life. Once again Miss Rand eloquently demonstrates her refusal to let popular catchwords and conventional ideas stand between her and the truth as she has discovered it. The Romantic Manifesto takes its place beside The Fountainhead as one of the most important achievements of our time.

Karnataka’s Rich Heritage – Temple Sculptures & Dancing Apsaras: An Amalgam of Hindu Mythology, Natyasastra and Silpasastra

Sculpture Books: Nataraja, the dancing Siva sculpture, is perhaps the most well-known among all Hindu sculptures, and rightly so. It has evoked highly advanced discussions among scientists, philosophers, performing artists, art critics, art collectors, historians, archaeologists and mythologists. The Nataraja sculpture also occupies a pride of a place at CERN, the European Centre for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva.

Siva, according to Hindu Mythology, was the very first dancer in the world. All dramaturgy and dance traditions emerge from Siva’s cosmic dance.

Dynamic Anatomy: Revised and Expanded Edition

Sculpture Books: Praised by critics and teachers alike for more than 40 years, Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic Anatomy is recognized worldwide as the classic, indispensable text on artistic anatomy. Now revised, expanded, and completely redesigned with 75 never-before-published drawings from the Hogarth archives and 24 pages of new material, this award-winning reference explores the expressive structure of the human form from the artist’s point of view.

Creative Carving of Fruits and Vegetables

Sculpture Books: There is no dearth of cookery books overflowing the well-stocked shelves of book shops today, but Creative Carving of Fruits and Vegetables is a book with a difference. The author presents simple, easy to make, and highly attractive ways of carving fruits and vegetables for salads, garnishes, unusual and exotic dishes, light-as-air fruit-based desserts, as well as table decorations that will do any hostess proud. The book is a boon for both amateur and accomplished cooks. All that is needed to master the innovative and multi-hued fruit and vegetable creations is a little time and patience. The gratifying results will add that finishing touch that separates a mundane meal from the spectacular. Try them out and get compliments galore.

Sanchi: Monumental Legacy

Sculpture Books: Part of the Monumental Legacy series, this well illustrated and well informed book explains in lucid language the historical background and architecture of the Buddhist monuments of Sanchi. This book, with its section on practical information, is a comprehensive guide for the discerning tourist as well as scholars.

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