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Best Historical Books: The books can be a deposit of information and experiences for each student and also it has many benefits. The Historical Books is our greatest friend. In our society, we’ve friends and foes. Even the questionable friends will cheat us in times. However, books are our never-failing friends. A bit like an honest friend, it offers us company throughout idle time. An honest book guides us in our lives, and it helps us very much in our educations and studies for our future aims. So here we are giving you some information about best books which has excellent study materials and are latest for education in the field.

Books are the richest source of education and also a correct answer for every topic such as how to prepare for Historical. Here we are providing you some latest and written by the best of authors books hoping to give the students a best approach and study materials so as to make easy for the exams. The various department’s education books we are providing below are followed:

A Bride for the Betrayed Earl: A Historical Regency Romance Book

Train to Pakistan (Lotus Collection (Series)

This unique illustrated edition of a modern-day Indian classic includes previously unpublished pictures by internationally acclaimed photographer Margaret Bourke-White. In the summer of 1947, the frontier between India and its newly-created neighbor, Pakistan, had become a river of blood, as the post-Partition exodus across the border erupted into violent rioting. In Train to Pakistan, truth meets fiction with stunning impact, as Khushwant Singh recounts the trauma and tragedy of Partition through the stories of his charactersstories that he, his family and friends themselves experienced or saw enacted before their eyes. Sixty years later, in an age where these tensions still lie close to the surface, Bourk-Whites photographs of the Partition illustrate Khushwant Singhs prose with a stark and almost unbearably heart-rending subtext.

BY EASTERN WINDOWS: A Stand-Alone Novel & (Book 1 of The Macquarie Series): A Biographical Historical Novel

Private Life of the Mughals of India

Bringing to life the opulent, sometimes scandalous, private lives of the Mughals of India, Private Life leaves no detail untouched: their food, drink, clothes ornaments, intoxicants, amusements, marriage and harm-life are all vibrantly described, a suitable backdrop for the intriguing personalities of the period. Well-written with colour illustrations and photographs, this book will delight all connoisseurs of Mughal history.

Sita – Warrior of Mithila (Book 2- Ram Chandra Series): An adventure thriller that follows Lady Sita’s journey, set in mythological times

Immerse yourself in book 2 of the Ram Chandra series, based on the Ramayana, the story of Lady Sita, written by the multi-million bestselling Indian Author Amish; the author who has transformed Indian Fiction with his unique combination of mystery, mythology, religious symbolism and philosophy. In this book, you will follow Lady Sita’s journey from an Adopted Child to the Prime Minister to finding her true calling. You will find all the familiar characters you have heard of, like Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman and see more of Lord Hanuman and many others from Mithila.

The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy)

An intense story ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ draws heavily from stories and legends of Hindu mythology that have been passed on from generation to generation. First book of the trilogy, the Immortals tale unfolds in Meluha, a land that is ruled by the Suryavanshi tribe that firmly believes in the prophecy of ‘Neelkanth’ Shiva being their saviour. The Suryavanshi’s (Sun worshipers) are of the firm belief that it would be Shiva who would save them from the wrath of Chandravanshi’s (Moon worshipers). Blending mythology and philosophy drawn from Hindu traditions, the gripping narrative moves with speed to have Shiva step up to take it upon himself about banishing evil from society.

Highland Fire (Guardians of the Stone Book 1)

Highlander romance at its best; rich with historyand lore, HIGHLAND FIRE reunites you with favorite characters from THE HIGHLAND BRIDES and introduces you to new ones.  The year is 1123. Scotland’s King David seeks an alliance with the fierce mountain Scot, Aidan dun Scoti. But only one woman will tempt Aidan–the accursed beauty whose father once betrayed his clan …  Offered in marriage by David of Scotland as a guise for peace and cursed by Aidan’s people for the sins of her father, Lìleas MacLaren is the one woman Aidan believes he is immune to. Alas, she is also the one woman who might bring the fierce chieftain to his knees.

I, Krishnadevaraya

I, Krishnadevaraya is a translation of the famous Tamil novel Naan Krishnadevarayan by Ra. Ki. Rangarajan. The Tamil actor Kamal Hassan suggested that Ra. Ki. translate I, Claudius by Robert Graves into Tamil. Instead, Ra. Ki. decided to present a first-person narrative of the story of Krishnadevaraya, the emperor of Vijayanagar. Ki.’s hero is like any other young man his age—his romantic attachments overshadowing everything else in his life—until his minister and mentor, Appaji, reminds him that his duty ought to take precedence over his love life.

The Incredible History of India’s Geography

Maps and mountains, lions and tigers, rivers and oceans-all sorts of things you didn’t know about India’s geography. In here you will discover all sorts of things you never expected, like the fact that we still greet each other like the Harappans used to or that people used to think India full of one-eyed giants. Full of quirky pictures and crazy trivia, this book takes you on a fantastic journey through the incredible history of India’s geography.

Sensing Danger (A Sinclair and Raven Novel Book 1)

Legend says the Sinclairs heightened senses are a result of a long ago pact between them and the powerful Raven family. To Honor and Protect is their creed, but the current Duke of Raven doesn’t make their task easy. Arrogant and aloof, James, Duke of Raven, is determined to forge his own path and to hell with folk tales that his ancestors created. But when the breathtaking Eden Sinclair saves his life by risking her own, their past resurfaces, and with it comes the uncomfortable realization that they are linked by more than history.

The Princess in Black: An Unheard story of the Mughals

Historical Books: The Taj Mahal is going to be blown off and with it the visiting ex-President of USA. Or so has been impeccably planned by Major Salim Khan, an undercover ISI operative. The only clue that the intelligence agencies have is the enigmatic Object No. 27, a rare Mughal relic that they don’t have much information about. History Professor Narayan Shastri, along with the best men from Indian Intelligence, try to unlock the code. And then there is Saima, the mysterious beauty who found Object No 27 in the first place. She and Professor Shastri travel through the annals of a history rich with deceit – bloody battles of conquests; the satin veil of treachery; and even the elegant, imperious walls built of red sandstone and white marble – to know more of the impending attack and each other more deeply. Can they stop Major Khan from unleashing his act of terror on the marble monument of love? Precious hands of time are ticking away: Tick. Tick. Tick.

A Lady for the Brazen Earl: A Historical Regency Romance Book

Historical Books: When Lady Imogen falls upon the idea of using the London Season as a means of raising funds for a charitable scheme, she thinks it will be the simplest of things. With her friend, Lady Redmond at her side, the two embark upon a mission to attend as many social events as possible with the intention of opening every wealthy purse in sight. But it is all for a good cause; and a heartbreaking one as Imogen discovers when she and Lady Redmond find themselves wandering the dismal corridors of a workhouse for the poor of Lambeth.

Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography

Historical Books: ‘Land of Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography’ is regarded as a fascinating read, the main motive of which is to acquaint the readers with the fascinating geography of the country. It is also a curious read on how several facts and stories, which make an intrinsic part of India’s history, actually came into vicinity. While explaining these, the book also questions several incidents that are thought to be a major part of India’s history, like why did Buddha choose Sarnath as the site for his first sermon and how did the Europeans exactly map our country.

The brilliance of the book lies in the fact that it tries to answer many questions from Indian History from the point of view of the country’s geography, by studying its various ancient cities, rivers, mountains and hills.

Mistress of the Throne: The Mughal Intrigues

Historical Books: Mistress of the Throne: The Mughal Intrigues is set in the year 1631 and gives its readers an exclusive account of the life of young Jahanara, who finds herself crowned the Queen of India by her father, the Mughal King Shah Jahan. This happens when her mother, Mumtaz Mahal, who was the Queen of India, passes away. Instead of passing on this title to one of his many wives, he decides to break free from the conventional trend and pass it on to his young daughter instead. This seventeen-year-old queen, who looks like a mirror-image of her mother, must now bear the load of the entire kingdom on her young shoulders.

Harappa – Curse of the Blood River

Historical Books: 1700 BCE, Harappa – Harappa is a magnificent city on the banks of the mighty Saraswati river. The darkness of treachery, taantric exorcism and bloodshed unleashes itself on the last devta, paving the way for his devastating revenge…and the horrifying truth behind the fall of the glorious civilisation. 2017, Paris – The world’s most powerful religious institution is rattled. Europe’s dreaded crime lord meets a mysterious man in Paris. A lethal assassin boards a train, as Rome fears the worst. The prophesied devta has returned.

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